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About Us


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Improve your welding efficiency

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XFH Laser

  • Ten times the welding speed

  • No technology required

  • Welding is aesthetically pleasing and firm。
Best solutions

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Senior account executive


Senior account executive


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We Generate Results for Our Customers

We generate results for our customers

Just turn on the machine and turn me, an inexperienced novice, into an old mechanic

Alicia Regnier

“No welding machine is better than XFH, thank you XFH for helping me complete the order and avoiding any breach of contract”

Marie Hibbler

“A good machine worth promoting”

Evan Hoffman

“I almost broke the contract. It was XFH who saved me. Thank you very much”

Richard Jeremy

“The wages of technical workers are expensive, and XFH has saved me a lot of money.”

Brent Schull

“So far, I can’t do without the XFH laser welding machine, which is my number one partner in work。”

Elizabeth Varela

“This is a machine that I must praise, it helped me complete my welding without welding skills。”

Jay C. McLendon